Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Help Me Choose An Etsy Name!

Jen made a suggestion back on my Christmas Card post that really made me start thinking. All the positive comments from everyone else on there made me think even more. (don't worry, my head hasn't exploded yet) I'd idly thought of opening and Etsy shop in the past, but now I'm seriously considering it. I make a wide variety of crafts, it's a stress release for me. I'm starting to make cards (as you saw in the Christmas Card post). I'm working on Advent calendars for my brothers (post and pictures to come) I make some great spray painted photo boards that I could also turn into bulletin boards, frames and ornaments. Eventually I want to learn how to make candles and soaps, but haven't had the time or money to get into that.

So I've decided to open the Etsy account. Only I can't decide on a name, particularly since I plan to have multiple kinds of crafts, not just cards. Here are some names I've come up with that are available. (not all of them are very good) Do you think I should go with any of these? What other name do you think I should use? I'd love to hear your ideas. Basically, the username is the store name, so it needs to be fairly simple and memorable. Those are really the only guidelines.

A Touch of Class
A Touch of Creativity
A Touch of Inspiration
Art and Inspiration
Art and Style
Crafting Sanctuary
Creative Haven
Creative Inspiration
Creative Sanctuary
Inspired Art
Paint and Brush
Rainstorm Designs
Rainstorm Sanctuary
Sapphire Designs
Sapphire Studio
September Dreams


Gramma Ann said...

Sorry, I never was good at thinking up catchy names.

Jaina said...

Gramma Ann-Sometimes I am, but it tends to be hit or miss. This is definitely miss. Do any of the ones I listed catch your fancy?

Gramma Ann said...
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Anonymous said...

I think opening up an Etsy Shop is a fantastic idea!! You have a wonderful talent AND you enjoy doing it. Go for it. As for names, I like several that you put down. Rainstorm Sanctuary really caught my eye, love the tranquility and beauty of the words. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I like Rainbow Designs, Sapphire Designs, and Sapphire Studio.

When you set up your shop, will you email me please so that I can favorite it?

Also, just a reminder: Birthday cards and other greeting cards. I have a whole bunch of winter and spring birthdays coming up. :-)

Supercool Hotmama said...

The biggest problem I found when choosing my etsy name (no, I've never listed my stuff yet) was that so many great names were already taken. I ended up trying a bunch before I got one that wasn't already being used. You might try putting your list in order from your fave to least fave and then just start trying them all :) Good luck!

*Jac* said...

September Dreams is really pretty. So is Rainstorm Sanctuary. I recommend either of those. I've never used etsy before, but I might have to now. Your cards were really beautiful.

Jaina said...

Cheryl-Thanks! I think that one's becoming my favorite too. Mostly because I love Rainstorms :)

Jen-I think Sapphire Studio is my other favorite. Sapphire is my birthstone, that's how I came up with that. I will definitely let you know when I set up the shop. Since you're the inspiration for all of this, any specific birthday design requests or color schemes?

Supercool Hotmama-I actually did the search on these names already, there were some other great ones that were already taken.

Jac-Thanks, and thanks so much for stopping by :) I'll definitely let you know when I get the Etsy shop set up.

Sarah Katie said...

I like September Dreams, it reminds me of a Brian Setzer song.

Jaina said...

Sarah Katie-Thanks! I'm not familiar with that song.

Kellan said...

I like a few oof them, but I like Rainstorm Designs - good name!

Good luck with your shop!!

Take care - Kellan

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Thanks for always coming by and checking in with me. I enjoy reading your comments. I do try and get over here, I've had a hard time catching up since the trip!
I like Sapphire Studio.
I answered your question in my comments section.

Jaina said...

Carrie & Troy-Thanks for coming by, I know how long it can take to catch up, no worries :) And thank you so much for that explanation, it was so helpful and I feel like I can offer a more informed and heartfelt congratulations now that I understand exactly what I'm wishing congratulations for :)

Jaina said...

Kellan-Thanks! I'm liking Rainstorm in the title :)

Neva Jean said...

I know I'm writing this kind of late. I would have recommended you check first to see if the .com version of whatever name you choose is available. I'd go to to see if your name is obtainable. If it is, you can build a business on that name. If it's not--find another name :-)

(I recommend because they have a tutorial on how to forward a domain to an store.)

Jaina said...

Neva Jean-No problem, thank you so much for the tip! I hadn't thought about that, that's REALLY good advice. I haven't done anything with it yet, so I can still use your advice, I really appreciate it. I'm currently debating between using Etsy and just working with the bf to create my own site where I won't be charged to post items. I'm also considering a combination of both, using some Etsy, and then branching out into the website. But I can get the domain now, just to make sure that I get the one I want. :) Thanks so much for stopping by. Do you have a blog or site? If you do I would love a link. :)

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