Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Of Deserts and Christmas

We had a great trip out in the desert...I didn't try to fly!!! No witch's eyes for me this trip. Renee was a great teacher, she took me and the Manager on a smaller ride and on the bigger rides rode in front of me to model for me. I'll be honest, our first small ride Saturday over to the diner to get a few supplies had me freaked out. But I calmed down and Renee took me under her wing and was really great...I totally got my confidence back. I can't wait to go out there again with her. The bf was happy because he's not so much of a teacher and knew that I'd do really well with Renee. I also finally met Renee's daughter Bells, she's so much fun. She's in high school and we got along great. We laid out on the trailer ramp Sunday afternoon while the bf and the others got back from a photo shoot of a race (we headed back early because we got bored) and fell into a giggle fit that lasted a good half hour. Bells may be a bit younger, but she is seriously cool. (pics of me riding and our desert Christmas decorations coming soon...)

Christmas is 16 days away, I can't believe how quickly it's coming. I still have a lot to do, but feel confident that I'll get everything done. Today I'm going to be practicing for my conducting final on Thursday and doing laundry (SOOO fun...not) On the fun list is putting up Christmas lights around my apartment and working on my Christmas cards (hopefully I'll finish making them tonight) Once I get them done then I can finish all my other Christmas projects.

-advent calendars for my brothers (both in progress....there will be a post with pictures for this)
-paint back of and personalize ornaments
-paint ornaments for colleagues
-paint wooden Christmas decorations that are gifts (angel and tree)
-make candle holders (there will be pictures of this, probably in its own post)
-make frame for my Grama (cookie baking picture with likewise decorated frame)

...I feel like I'm missing some projects on here. But I still have time to get it all finished. :) I also have baking plans the next two Saturdays, which I'm super excited about. Baking this weekend at my apartment (possibly with the bf) and then next weekend with the bf's mom. Next weekend is Christmas with the bf's parents, his mom and I are super excited about our awesome plans. More about those later. I'm also working up a few posts about my favorite holiday traditions and such. I hope you are all having a wonderful December preparing for Christmas or whatever holiday you and your family celebrate.


Renie Burghardt said...

Sounds like you had fun in the desert. And you sure have a lot of things you still want to accomplish before Christmas. I'm not that ambitious. Most of my shopping is done, but I still have to finish my Christmas cards.

Looking forward to the pictures. Have a great evening.


Kim said...
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Jaina said...

Renie-I really did. Good luck finishing all of your cards :) I'm just about done making mine...just have to write in them and send them out.

Kim-Interesting and random links to coupons, but no profile? I'm curious.

Supercool Hotmama said...

Fun projects in the works! Good luck on finishing them all! Merry Christmas!

Jaina said...

Supercool Hotmama-Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too :)