Friday, April 11, 2008

California Girls

So clearly I have work to do when it comes to blogging. I can't manage to keep up with it. And it's not like I don't have the time, at least at work I do. Sure I answer the phones and troubleshoot and occasionally remote into computers to fix things, but the majority of my day is spent playing on the internet. I should blog early in the morning when things are quiet, before the day really gets into full swing. I really need to stop overthinking. Honestly, blogging would be a much better use of my time than playing random games on Facebook or some equally silly website. Since I am so overdue, and have some fun pictures to share, I've decided to do a couple posts to canvas the past few weeks since I last wrote. Life has been crazy, keeping me plenty busy-I swear I'm hardly ever home. I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning, waking up without an alarm and having a nice day to myself in my new apartment...first ever! Don't get me wrong, I've LOVED having visitors the past two weeks, but it is nice to have some uninterrupted quiet time all to yourself. I plan to work on my cousin's birthday present. I'm driving up with a couple friends for her birthday dinner tomorrow.
Speaking of my cousin, the last time I posted was just before her visit, which was AMAZING! We had SUCH a great weekend, we both really needed the relax time. The weekend was full of laughs and stories, gossiping and just being cousins. We hit the beach (and both got lovely pink sunburns), visited the Farmer's Market, flirted with firemen (oh yes, they overheard us from INSIDE the car as we drove by), shared wine, did our nails, and watched plenty of chick-flicky movies. It was sad when she had to leave, but the weekend was SO amazing.
The picture is of my feet. We took a walk to show her my wonderful little neighborhood, starting off with the little park about three blocks away. We both LOVE the swings, so, since there were no kids playing on them at the time, we took the opportunity to let our inner five-year-olds out and went for a swing. I love swinging, second only to horseback riding...neither of which I get to do very often. But my little brothers are coming to visit me at the beginning of May, I'm planning to take them to the park while they're here. Should be fun.
I'll add photo stats later, since I'm off work now and have to go run errands with the boy. Yes, there is a new boy...very new, but a long time coming. Haha, there will be more about him later.

Photo specs: (bottom)
~taken March 29, 2008
~setting: auto, no flash


Erin said...

First off, I am glad you are back to posting. I have been checking your blog for new updates and was delighted to see two new ones! Second, here's to girly weekends and chick flicks! Hurrah! Great photos of your feet and your toes look fabulous!

Jaina said...

Thanks! Me too. :) I'm going to try very hard to post everyday. This weekend doesn't count, I was hardly home, let alone near a computer. Thanks for coming by :) And I totally agree, girly weekends and chick flicks are the best!