Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is rapidly approaching, which means yet another long drive home to be with my family. I love being there, it's relaxing, I've just had to drive up the past two weekends in a row, this is the third, and I would LOVE a weekend to just sit in my apartment and not do anything. My cousin comes to visit next weekend though, so at least I'll get to stay in town. Plus, we always have SUCH a great time together, I am so happy that we get to visit more often now that we're older and the parents don't have little to no veto power over our schedules. She was down to visit after Thanksgiving last year, and though she was here for less than 24 hours, we had an amazing visit. This time she'll be here from Friday to Sunday. I love hanging out with her, we get along so well, we trust each other completely. She's my oldest friend, been friends for almost 22 years. (her birthday is in a couple weeks) We have always been close though, we're only about 7 months apart. You can totally tell we're related too. She met up with me and some friends at Disneyland a while back, and we unknowingly wore the same color scheme. Between that and our hair being nearly the same length, we looked like twins. I love my family. Holidays are especially fun now that all of the cousins are older, we all just hang out and get along so well. I'm looking forward to Sunday, even though the triplets won't be there. They're going to something or other back in D.C., but I know we'll still have fun.
I love easter egg hunts and coloring eggs. This picture is one I took last year while we were "hiding" eggs for my brother's kindergarten class easter egg hunt. To spice it up and make it fair, the eggs were numbered, 1-6, and the kids had to find one of each number. Made things a bit more interesting, prolonged the hunt, and ensured that no one hogged all of the eggs.
I actually managed to journal the other night, once I FINALLY got started I went for about an hour. I only stopped because I finally reached a place of natural pause, and I was utterly exhausted and could no long ignore the call of my bed. I mind felt much less cluttered and chaotic, which is a nice change from the cacophony that has been my mind as of late. Maybe if I actually got into the habit of regular blogging it wouldn't be such a busy place. I'll get the hang of it eventually. At least I've been reading more blogs regularly, which gives me a bit more inspiration to write myself.

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