Monday, April 14, 2008

Farmer's Market

I love so many things about my new little neighborhood. The cute little coffee shops with amazing drinks, so much better than the big chain stores. Street musicians with muted trumpets and clarinets outside these little shops. People walking all over the place with their children and their pets. And the Farmer's Market Sunday mornings. I didn't get to go yesterday since we drove up to my parents' house, but I'm looking forward to going this weekend. It's a great little walk, and I feel so green with my own pretty bag to carry everything home in.
The market is a great place to people watch. So many people around trying to sell their wares, musicians performing, children dancing. Fruits and vegetables, flowers and herbs. Random jewelry and clothing, TONS of samples of the most luscious citrus fruit you will ever taste. Everyone is smiling and friendly, it's just a great place to be...not to mention all the delicious and
healthy things I come home with. Always under $20 too. (that's all I take with me, so as not to OVER spend) There is also the added bonus of supporting our local farmers and economy, that always makes me feel good. I was never one to get overly involved in the various movements and awareness issues that college students are known for, but I was around them and paid attention. Definitely makes me feel good walking down to the local farmer's market with my reusable tote slung over my shoulder.
Naturally, the flowers in the pictures are from the Farmer's Market when I went with my cousin a couple weeks ago. She absolutely fell in love with it. She bought some natural homemade preserves for her parents. These things were SO good. I'd have bought a jar if I actually ate those things. I just don't eat them enough (like, next to never) to make it worthwhile, especially since these ones don't have preservatives and won't last forever. I love the way these shots of the daisies came out, especially the red ones. The farmer's market is a great place for taking pictures, so many lovely and interesting things around, just begging to be captured on film...or in my case, a digital memory card.

Photo specs: (for both)
~taken March 30, 2008
~setting: no flash (might have been on landscape...didn't say auto in the info)


Erin said...

Love these photos, gerbera dasiy's are my very favorite flower. Funny you should post about Farmer's markets, I just decided a couple of days ago to purchase as much produce as possible as farmer's markets this summer and I so excited for the firt one to start! Lucky you can walk to yours. Just curious, where in CA do you live? That's where we will be vacationing next year (we decided to stay state side this time) I am excited for CA but where should we go? Any suggestions?

Jaina said...

Thanks Erin, I love them too. :) I'm in San Diego, it's great down here, I absolutely love it. If you're coming to CA, it's almost an obligation that you get to Disneyland. Weekdays are best in terms of crowds being low, but depending on the season, the fireworks may or may not go. (usually just weekends in the off season, summer I think is every night) They still have the 50th anniversary fireworks show, which is absolutely incredible.
Of course I am partial to San Diego and southern CA, but north around Napa is good if you like wine, though we have some great vineyards down here around Temecula. There is all the cultural stuff to do in San Diego too, Balboa Park is great. The Ruben Fleet Science Center is great for kids, they have lots of fun hands-on exhibits, and an entire area to play. (I have pictures if you want to see them) We've also got the zoo, the Wild Animal Park, and of course the beach. You can get a lot of great package deals for these places. Sea World is fun too, but admission is nearly as expensive as Disneyland.
I could go on and on, haha. But let me know if you want more ideas or anything. California has a lot of great stuff to offer. :)

Kellan said...

I love to go to Farmer's Market and we don't have one close by that I get to go to - you are very lucky!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by - nice to meet you and nice to see you. Take care and I hope to see you again soon - Kellan

Jaina said...

Thanks Kellan, it's nice to meet you too. I'm sure I'll be stopping by frequently, I'm really enjoying your posts. :) I wish you had a Farmer's Market that was closer to you, they really are lovely places.

Momma Bean said...

The photos are absolutely beautiful! And, I love farmer's markets too!

Jaina said...

Thanks Momma Bean, I've quite fallen in love with the market. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comments about my photos. :)