Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Defying Gravity

I've loved the music from Wicked since I first heard it through friends in college. I sang along and dreamed of seeing it on stage one day. That day was Saturday with the bf, my newly engaged cousin Ariel, the Manager, my boss Lily and her friend. I expected it to be amazing, but WOW. I have never seen anything so incredible in my life. Every minute detail, from the sets to the costumers, the lyrics to the musicians, the actors, oh the actors. It was absolutely breathtaking. I had to bite my cheek to ward of tears at multiple points, the music was so incredibly powerful. The attention to every detail was phenomenal. The cast was incredible, what wonderful actors and singers, I absolutely loved each one of them. My best friend Ani's parents have seen Wicked in 4 different productions, and said that this was hands down THE best cast they've ever seen. I don't personally have anything to compare it to, but I can definitely believe them.

It was such an incredible experience that I got to share with such special people. We had amazing seats in the lower mezzanine. The tickets were a little pricey, but well worth it. It was absolutely perfect. I could not have asked for a better performance, it was absolutely flawless. I only wish I could go see it again each and every night while it's here. (I don't think my bank account would appreciate that though) It's so wonderful to finally know and understand the entire story, where before I only knew bits and pieces. I've really been wanting to read the book, as well as Son of a Witch, I want to read it even more now. Hopefully I'll be able to pick those up and get them read.

Wow, I'm STILL gushing over this performance. I really have loved all the musicals I've ever been to. I saw Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway in high school, it was my first large scale theatre experience, though I'd seen and been in other shows. Phantom of the Opera was phenomenal last summer, and Rent was really neat earlier this year. But Wicked, there is just something, well, magical, about the whole thing. If you haven't seen Wicked yet, do yourself a favor and get to a performance anytime it happens to be near you. Or go out of your way to see it. It's magical, simply magical! My words are not capable of doing this musical justice. You just have to see it for yourself, and then treasure the memories.


Kimberly said...

I've been really blessed in my life to see various operas and musicals, but I feel deprived not having been able to see Wicked yet. I keep hearing such fabulous accounts of it!

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh, makes me want to see it! Sounds like a great show and a great time! Love the blog look, btw!


Jaina said...

Kim-I do hope you get to see it, I have a feeling you will just absolutely love it! It truly is amazing.

Tabitha-You definitely should if you get a chance, it's amazing. And thanks! My designer did a fantastic job, she was awesome :)

Anonymous said...

YES! Wicked is mine and my husband's FAVORITE!!! We are fortunate enough to be able to see a lot of plays because we live in a cultural city where many traveling plays visit and my parents have season tickets but always miss the shows because of traveling so they just give us their tickets when they can't make it and Wicked is by far our favorite!!!!!

Jaina said...

Yaya-That sounds really cool. I would LOVE to have season tickets, that would be fabulous! What other shows have you seen?