Saturday, April 18, 2009

To my 'twin' on his wedding day


You have been there for me through so many things, both happy and no so much. You have been a rock in the choppy waters of life, a sounding board when I needed someone to talk to, even when those calls came at 4am. You have protected me and guided me through countless situations, defended me from those who would hurt me. You have made me laugh and been there to dry my tears. I could talk to you about anything, and you would always listen. You've always had the right words, you've always supported me and believed in me. We may not talk everyday, but when our phones connect it's as if no time has passed. You are one of my best friends, my Jedi twin.

I can't believe you are getting married today. It makes me so happy to see you in love with such an amazing woman. I haven't seen you this genuinely happy in a long time. She truly makes you happy, I can tell she warms your soul. She helped you find God, something that, let's be honest, I didn't think I would ever see. That alone endears her to me. Her kindness and sweet nature only make her better. She's also sassy enough to keep you on your toes, which is an accomplishment in and of itself.

As everyone turns to watch her walk down that aisle, my eyes will be on you, to see that look on your face when you see your bride. I will be praying for God to bless your marriage with joy and happiness for all eternity. You deserve it my friend. Congratulations Jasa. I love you.

**Disclaimer - I do not actually have a twin. He is one of my best friends and we've always joked that we were twins. (and seriously been asked before by multiple people) But we call each other twins, it's an ongoing joke/thing. :)


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful! You are a beautiful person, my friend. Congratulations to the couple, many blessings.

Renie Burghardt said...

Well, Jaina, aren't you the lucky one to have such a great brother, and a twin at that!

Congratulations to Jacen and his bride. May their life together be filled with much happiness and many blessings!



Jaina said...

Cheryl-Thank you. It was a lovely wedding. :) And thank you very much for your congrats to them :)

Renie-Thanks :) (he's not my real brother, but one of my best friends...we've called each other twins since high school) Thank you for the lovely wishes for their marriage. I know they're going to be happy.

Gramma Ann said...

Weddings are always fun. We get to visit with so many friends we otherwise wouldn't see. I'm sure you had a great time and made many wonderful memories for years to come.

Jaina said...

Gramma Ann-They most certainly are. It was a fun time. Thank you so much :)

Kelly Deneen said...

awww How sweet!! What a lovely post for a wonderful person in your life. :)

Bottles Barbies And Boys said...

If that doesn't make him cry nothing will!
I envy your relationship.
My youngest brother is 13 years older than me, and he refuses to come around anymore.:(
Hopefully your brothers new bride will be better than my sister-in-law.

Jaina said...

Kelly-Thanks! He may not be my twin by blood, but he's one of my closest friends.

Johnina-I'm sorry to hear that about your brother, that's so sad. I like the new wife. The trouble for me is that the best friend and the bf don't exactly get on well. But I see Jasa so rarely it hasn't really been an issue. But he's still one of my closest friends, blood or not.