Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's About the Music

I have the most amazing conducting professor ever. He is such a wonderful teacher and mentor. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend an orchestra rehearsal tonight at my college (where I also work) and to introduce him to my old professor who also runs the orchestra. It was so exciting to be in a position to introduce two such wonderful people to one another, especially since my conducting professor is new to the area (literally...he's from London)

Not only was I able to network two great people together, I was able to watch a rehearsal of Rhapsody in Blue (extra bonus because I LOVE that piece) with the benefit of having my conducting teacher standing right next to me providing commentary and instruction, as well as answering my questions. I feel as though I just got another private conducting lesson. He is so nice, so easy to talk to. I love discussing conducting and music in general with him. He's absolutely brilliant but incredibly down to earth, and his approach to music and conducting just absolutely clicks with my own. I cannot express how refreshing it is to know that I am not alone in how I feel about music. So many of my other professors, while they're great and all, just did not get it. My conducting professor is just ABOUT the music. It's all about the music. Our responsibility as conductors is first and foremost to the composer. He just gets it. I love it. I am thrilled that circumstances led me to have to take conducting courses and that I decided to take the second level this semester. Things really do happen for a reason. I'm only beginning to discover the reasons for this. ('this' being not passing my student teaching the first time around...I'm sure I've talked about it on here...if not, let me know)

I've been so animated tonight. I called and talked off both my Papa and Grama's ears. Then I called the bf and only slightly talked his ear off because I realized he was half asleep and really tired. I finished the evening with talking to both my parents. I cannot exactly explain why I am so excited, but I am. It was just a fabulously educational evening and it left me feeling SO good. I'm still feeling good. Animated. I suppose I ought to add my fabulous blogging friends to the list of people whose ears I've talked off tonight in my excitement over such a wonderful evening.


Anonymous said...

This really proves that there are no accidents! It was fate, being there and having someone you admire, really get it and your approach. It sounds like a wonderful experience, on so many levels.

I can see why your so excited about it. I'm happy for you!

Hope the rest of the week goes well.

Mark said...

Sounds like you had a great night filled with passion!

Gramma Ann said...

Sometimes we have these wonderful times, never to be repeated, except in our hearts and memories. So glad you had such a fabulous evening. Try never to forget it!

Now, go and have a fabulous week-end.

Jaina said...

Cheryl-It really does. Though at the time we might not get why things happen. Hindsight is always 20/20, right? I'm only beginning to see why that happened. I should do a post on it sometime.

Mark-Most definitely. Music is one of my deepest passions.

Gramma Ann-I will do my utmost never to forget it. I was so excited about it I just had to share on here too. :) Thank you! I'm going to Disneyland twice and a mother/daughter luncheon with the bf's mom, so it should be good. Have a fabulous weekend yourself!