Saturday, January 10, 2009

Master Carpenter

I think that's what I'm going to rename the bf, he's that awesome.

I've been wanting a new bookcase recently because mine is just too small, and I only have a fraction of my books with me. My dvd's are also spilling out of their case, and could stand to have a little space on my bookshelf. I looked around at some bookcases, but couldn't really find anything that fit what I wanted made with good quality and at a price I was willing to pay. Sure I found some nice items, but I am NOT going to pay $200+ for a little bookcase.

Resolution? The bf is building me a bookcase customized to my wants and needs. We've already purchased the supplies (a grand total of about $40 including tax) and we have the measurements for the design I want. I think I'm going to paint it a chocolate brown color. I was originally thinking black, but that just wouldn't go with my current bedroom set-a dark brown will. So we're going to spend today building my new bookcase.

Of course no project is complete without a nice break. The bf is also taking me to see Twilight tomorrow morning :) I'm so excited, I just started the third book. I'm prepared to enjoy the movie independently from the book, as I've had plenty of warning about the discrepancies and omissions from Bells and Renee (yeah, did you catch that? New nicknames. Check out the useful links on the right, it has a link to my ever growing nickname post)

I'll be sure to get up some pictures of my shiny new bookcase after it's done. Happy Saturday everyone!


Gramma Ann said...

Hey Jaina,

If you two can build a bookcase together, you pretty much have it made! Hee, hee!

Have a splendid week-end.

Renie Burghardt said...

Your bf is a pretty handy guy! I look forward to seeing the picture of the bookcase when it's finished.

Enjoy Twilight, and have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I bet your bookcase will turn out great! Make sure you post a photo.

Let me know what you think about Twilight. I saw the movie before I read the book.

Have fun!

Mandy said...

The handy ones are the best ones! Take it from me...I seem to have a Jack of All Trades and it ROCKS. :)

Jaina said...

Gramma Ann-Seriously, he's awesome. And the bookcase turned out SO nice.

Renie-He really is. Have you seen the patio he built for my parents? There are pictures up further back in my blog (they should be tagged/labeled as 'patio' I think) I'll have pictures as soon as my camera batteries are recharged.

Cheryl-It came out so beautiful, I'll hopefully have pictures tomorrow. Loved the movie, but the book is better. Bells warned me that it was not as good as the book, so I went in expecting it to be separate from the book. I enjoyed it, but definitely left wanting to re-read Twilight. But I need to finish the last two books first. :) If you haven't read them, I highly recommend them. The girls would probably like them as well.

Mandy-Aren't they awesome? I absolutely love it. I got exactly what I wanted in great quality for a fraction of what I'd have paid for the same item. He's wonderful :)

Katie said...

BF sounds pretty crafty, we would like some pics when it's finished! Have a good week.

Supercool Hotmama said...

Oooh, that boy sounds like he might be a keeper!

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

Mandy and I possible are sharing the same husband, because I agree with her 110% and she just described my husband (of 13 years I might ad)!!

Sarah Katie said...

My brother is like that, you can give him a design for something and he can build it!

Momo Fali said...

Can I borrow him, please? I've had a section of fence down since September. My husband is not good with a hammer and nails.

Jaina said...

Katie-I'll have the pics soon! It looks so great :)

Supercool HotMama-I'm pretty certain he is. :)

Johnina-Aren't you lucky? Congrats on 13 years, that's wonderful! :)

Sarah Katie-That's cool, I love the crafty types. I'm pretty good with tools (get it from my grandpa), but I don't think I could have pulled this one off quite as well.

Momo-I'll have to ask him, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind. He's nice like that ;)

Tabitha Blue said...

Sounds like a wonderful bf. Enjoy the movie!!!! I sure did... and the book series as well! You're going prepared, so you'll love it!


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh man, I can't wait to see photos. Well that, and can I rent him? :)

Jaina said...

Tabitha-He sure is. The movie was awesome! I just finished the books yesterday, SUCH a happy ending. It was perfect. :)

MamaGeek-I should get the pictures up today. And I suppose so, have to ask him though, but he's really nice ;)

EatPlayLove said...

He's a keeper. My dad is a master carpenter, so luckily I've been passed the fix-it genes for our family. My hubby not so much!

Jaina said...

EatPlayLove-Most definitely. It sounds like my dad. He's not so much a handy man, but he's good if you need brute strength. My mom and I are better at the handy stuff.