Monday, November 10, 2008

Campfires, Quads and Sandstorms...Oh My!!

I'm just settling in from my first trip out to the desert.

The verdict? I loved it! It was SO much fun.

We got there fairly late Friday evening (around 9:30 or 10ish) and got things all set up and unloaded, and the guys built us a nice campfire because it was pretty chilly. We had planned to leave a little earlier, but the bf's friend the Recruiter was running a little behind and we needed to load up his trailer so we could go. We also had a pizza dinner out there before we left. In the Recruiter's defense, he'd had a LOOOOOOONG week and didn't have time to prep like he usually does. I was really excited when C & A showed up to come out with us. I knew that the Recruiter and his wife had some friends coming, but I didn't realize that I knew them. C works with the Recruiter and his wife A is friends with the Recruiter's wife. We met them when we went out on the jet skis that one time. C is the one who took a wave and got a good 10-15 foot jump. We totally thought he was going to break his jet ski in two, but he landed it great, if somewhat loudly.

We ended up staying up until nearly 2 am just hanging out chatting around the campfire, it was a lot of fun. (total people count was the three couples and then the Recruiter's son and his friend) I woke up around 6 or so, it was SOOOO early, I tried to sleep until about 8. After breakfast the bf taught me to ride the quad. He'd borrowed the 250 from his friend Mo so that I wouldn't have to worry about learning to use a clutch yet. I still had to shift, but it wasn't so bad. We went out on a short ride, it was SO much fun! The guys went out on a longer ride and I hung out and watched August Rush with the girls. :) The bf and I took one more ride later in the afternoon. He took me out to "the tower", or something like that. It's the remnants of some old military stuff. It was pretty neat, what a wonderful view. I only got scared a few times. I don't mind the flatter parts, but when I started going over rough/uneven terrain I got a little scared. (but it was SO much fun!)

The bf's uncle's family and their best friends (the Recruiter's sister-in-law) came out later last night. Let's just say that the bf's uncle isn't always the nicest or most responsible guy, and there was a bit of apprehension. It was slightly awkward, but everything went just fine. I met all of them, and then had very little interaction with them, which was fine with me. The bf, C and A and I lazed around the campfire after dinner before heading into the trailer by about 9 to put on a movie and relax. We made it about 10 minutes into the movie before we all decided that it was definitely bedtime. Things went well until about 2 am or so when the wind picked up. Now, let me tell you, where I grew up we're used to 15 mph winds on a NORMAL day, so I'm no stranger to wind. But dang, it was CRAZY! I finally managed to fall back to sleep after it woke me up.

Sunday morning was a delicious breakfast once again, and then another ride. The bf and I went out with the other guys (the other girls didn't ride) and then ended up breaking away from them after a while. He took me out to the dunes to ride in the sand. I think it was prep for the next trip that's to a place with a lot of sand...completely different terrain. I have to say, I didn't do too badly. I would try the first dune he took me to..that thing was monstrous! But the second smaller one I played around on. I pretty much just had to take a deep breath and go for it, I was a little scared, but I knew that if I stopped I'd fall or roll, so I just kept going and I did fine. We were just starting to head in when the sand started blowing. We had on full helmets and goggles, but man that stuff kept hitting the part of my face that was open in the helmet, and somehow managed to find it's way inside my goggles. I was glad for my jersey, because that stuff was pelting HARD. As we went on it got worse, there was one point where I was afraid I was going to lose sight of the bf, but he signalled me forward and kept me riding right next to him so we didn't get separated. At the worst parts we could see about 5 ft in front of best maybe 15. I don't know how he did it, but after a while we came right back to camp. He's VERY good at finding his way. It was kind of scary, I wished we had mics to be able to communicate through our helmets when we were out there, but I knew that I was safe with him. Our friends were relieved when we drove back into camp. The other guys had gotten back just as the sandstorm was starting and were worried about us. But it all ended well.

Packing up was a dirty, dusty affair since the wind and sand never did completely stop blowing. We did finally get packed up and headed back. Thankfully the wind on the way back wasn't a bad as we had expected. It even rained on our way back home, which was great because it washed off the truck and trailer. (and, well, I absolutely love the rain)

I can't wait for our next desert trip, we're going in two weeks with Mo and that group of friends, it should be a lot of fun. And according to the bf the place we'll be going to very rarely has sandstorms. (yay!) And sometime between now and then the bf is taking me shopping to get my own full riding outfit I get the pants, boots, helmet, gloves, goggles and possibly a new jersey, I'm so excited! There was another style of blues and browns that we both really liked on me, but they didn't have the jersey in the right size. We're going to look at a few different things, and then figure out if I'm getting the rest of the stuff to match my current black and pink jersey or if I'm getting a complete new set. Either way, I'm excited. :)

Whew, thanks for those of you who stuck with me for that entire post. It was just such a wonderful weekend, I'm still so excited about it!


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

That sounds like the PERFERCT weekend. I need one of those!

Jaina said...

MamaGeek - It really was. I feel SO much better. My weekends haven't been bad lately, but my batteries have been really low. I feel so refreshed and lighter this week, it's wonderful. I hope you have your perfect weekend soon!

Supercool Hotmama said...

It sounds like you had a great time! My ex is into riding and I used to enjoy going (to a certain extent). I objected when it became an every-weekend, every-holiday event. (Not my idea of a fantasy Thanksgiving to spend my weekend in a giant litterbox-the sand dunes. LOL!)

Jaina said...

HotMama - I really did. And though I loved it, I agree on the not every weekend thing, and definitely not on holidays. The bf and I have already discussed that regardless, I will probably not go on every single trip. I reiterated this after this weekend when I decided that I liked going.

Gramma Ann said...

Good evening, Jaina,

Oh, my! I bet that was scary, being in the desert in a sand storm, doesn't sound like fun or very glad you and the bf survived to tell us the story.

Otherwise, it sounds like you all had a fun time. I'm just the kind of person who doesn't envy you, I'm to old for that kind of fun..hee,hee! I wouldn't be able to walk for who knows how long!!!

Have a splendid week, Jaina.

Gramma Ann ;)

Erin said...

aweome weekend! your bf sure sounds like quite a guy. lucky girl! you sound like a good sport

Jaina said...

Gramma Ann - It was a bit scary, but I knew I was safe with him, it gave me a comforting sense of peace. The scariest part was at the beginning when for a moment I panicked that I might lose sight of him, but, as if he'd read my mind, he signaled me to come ride right next to him. He's wonderful. Mostly I was just tired of the sand pelting the lower half of my face and the rest of my body. I had to wash my hair twice to get all the dirt out Sunday evening. Haha. I definitely was a little sore Monday, couldn't figure it out either until the bf was like, uh, DUH! But a few ibuprofen and the tense/soreness mostly slipped out of my neck and shoulders, thankfully.

Erin - He really is incredible, I am SO lucky to have him. He makes me so infinitely happy :)

Momo Fali said...

I'm so jealous!

I always complain when things are wet and it's time to pack up, but the sand sounds worse.

Jaina said...

Momo - I honestly wouldn't preferred wouldn't have hurt! Haha But it still was a really fun trip. :)

OHmommy said...

Sounds great.

I love campfire breakfast. And the smell of a campfire. What a great way to spend a weekend!

Jaina said...

ohmommy - It's absolutely delicious. I love that scent too, until I get home, then the scent on my clothes gives me a it's definitely laundry time. Haha, but I love the scent of campfire while I'm there. :)