Thursday, October 2, 2008

Power of Prayer

Recently our blogging community has come together in an overwhelming show of love and support for some of our own who are injured and hurting. I'm much overdue in this post, but better late than never, right? I know that these wonderful people are still in great need of prayers.

NieNie is an amazing Mommy Blogger who I did not have the privilege to read prior to the accident which claimed the life of her husband's flight instructor and left Nie and her darling husband Christian in the hospital. I have been simply amazed at the support and care the blog world is pouring out for them. Nie's sister, CJane has been a rallying point, keeping us updated as she and her husband care for 3 or Nie's 4 beautiful children (the fourth is with her sister Lucy) and help raise money and get prayers for her sister and brother-in-law. I am further amazed by the simple love shared across religions and cultures without regard to any disagreements between anyone, because those differences simply don't matter. Nie and Christian need prayers, not arguing. And that is exactly what they have been getting.

I found Scott & Carol Decker through a post by CJane. My heart broke as I read about their situation and the things which Carol is enduring and fighting. Even as her family struggles, CJane used her influence to point us in Scott & Carol's direction, bringing even more people together to offer prayers and support. I was brought to tears by Scott's recent post about the total money raised, and how he believed that Carol's medical expenses would be covered. What a beautiful community we have.

It is breathtaking to me how so many people from so many diverse backgrounds and life experiences can come together in a time of need with prayers, love, support and generosity. Reading these blogs and seeing the outpouring of human care and devotion has truly touched my heart. If only everyone all over the world could join together in such a display of human beauty, what a wonderful place this world would be.


SuperCoolMom said...

I read about Carol and her husband through CJane too. Such a tragedy. Words just can't express how much I feel for that courageous mother, her sweet husband and their little family.

Supercool Hotmama said...

Oops! Wrong secret identity. You realize that's me too right?

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I know, nie nie rocks. And the whole thing is so tragic. Behold the power of the internet, though!

Jaina said...

Supercool Hotmama-Very true. And lol, yeah, actually in the emails of the comments I didn't even note the difference until I read the second comment! Clearly I need to pay closer attention (actually I just need this week to be over)

MamaGeek-Nie Nie is wonderful. I plan to go back through and read all her stuff. I've been inspired by the whole situation.

Kimberly said...

Such a powerful example of the positive force that blogging can be in the world!

Jaina said...

Kim- I couldn't agree more. Very nicely put.

Gramma Ann said...


I guess I am the only one who would think twice before I would give any money to these people.

There are so many scams going on in the world today, and on the internet. Many know if they include the religious end of the scam for some reason people will donate without looking into whatever it is all about.

May I ask if you know these people personally, or only through the internet?

If it is a scam, they can make it sound very sincere and tug at your heart strings. The more severe the injuries the more they hope you will want to give. So all I can say for now is be careful. Sometimes things are not always what they appear to be.

But nothing wrong with prayer, so for now say a prayer that they can recover and cope with whatever they have to face now and in the future.

There I go on my soapbox again.

I hope I don't sound like a cold- hearted person, but a conscientious person who cares about my friends and neighbors.


Jaina said...

Gramma Ann-I don't know Nie and Christian or the Decker's personally, but their stories are all over the news. They're legit. But I definitely appreciate your concern, and often share in your hesitancy. Nie's situation actually started out with prayer requests, and only later (after many blogger emails) was opened to accept donations and run fundraisers.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I totally agree!I too have been amazed by how many blogs have the little neinei button. My thoughts and prayers are with them as well.
Thanks for all your nice comments!

Jaina said...

Carrie & Troy-Mine too. And you're welcome :)