Tuesday, July 29, 2008

May I Have the Envelope, Please.

I am very excited, I got my first blog award from Trooper Thorn over at Dogs and Jeans. I have to say I'm extremely flattered. I just hope I continue to have interesting observations to live up to the award. Thanks Trooper, I really appreciate the award! I've really enjoyed reading your stories ever since you came across my blog a while back.

So, according to the rules (well, they're more like guidelines actually), I'd like to pass on the award to several wonderful bloggers that I am privileged to "know". I had a really hard time narrowing it down from all the amazing blogs I read...it helped a little that some of you already have this award, and I wanted to share the love (okay, am I losing points for cliched phrases?) So, in no particular order, I'd like to present this award to:

~Kim at Temporary? Insanity
...because I adore her egomaniacal ramblings (her words, not mine ;) ), and she always has really interesting posts. She's down to earth, and really funny. And she also just
recommended a book I'm REALLY excited to buy and read later.

~Eileen over at A Life of Triggers
...because she has got so much to deal with in her life and she still finds time to encourage others and do what is best for her family, and she does it with class and integrity.

~Erin over at Following My Folly
...because she's really nice and I absolutely love her blog and she was the very first person
I ever "met" in the blogosphere, and who was kind enough to leave my first comment

~Mama Geek at What Works for Us
...because really, have you SEEN this woman's photography? Seriously, most
amazing stuff ever, I wish I could take lessons from her, and maybe steal her
camera. (just kidding...well, in that I wouldn't actually steal it)

~Cecily at My Chaos My Bliss
...because she has great stories, and also co-hosts my favorite weekly event Photostory
Friday. That's actually how I came across her blog, and I've loved every minute of it.

~Gramma Ann over at Ann's Quotes and Things
...because she always has the funniest stories and anecdotes, and she gives
wonderful advice (plus, she's the World's Greatest Gramma)

~Melissa at Melissa the Mouth
...because I want her to be my personal shopper! Seriously, these companies should be
paying her for these great things she finds and loves. I've found so many great things from her recommendations. She also does really cool arts and crafts with her kids, and I love her views on life in general.

~Converse Mama at Ordinary Art
...because I love her blog and I really admire her no comment policy. She's a
wonderful mother, and her children are SO incredibly blessed to call her

~Kellan at On the Upside
...because I can always count on her for a smile, and I love how she always wishes me a
good evening or a good day. She's so nice and her kids are a hoot, they provide plenty of
wonderful blogging stories.

Directions for this here award:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. (I defied rules and nominated 9, so there!)
4. Add links to these blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

I'll post again soon, hopefully tomorrow. I have lots to update on. But I'm actually working on a training documentation project at work that I need to get done hopefully by Thursday so my supervisor can view and edit so we have it ready for her first training session on Monday. It's fun, I'm enjoying it, I feel very productive. But I'm also VERY behind in my blog reading...I promise I'll be catching up in the next few days. I figure I just get more amazingness all at once, that's a good thing, right?


Gramma Ann said...

Hi Jaina,

First off let me thank you for considering me for an award, that was so sweet of you...

But, second, I don't accept blog awards...And Third...


Trooper Thorn said...

You are welcome Jaina, and I'll visit each of your nominees. You have chosen to use the power wisely.

Thanks for your comments on Mom Insulting Text Messages.

Jaina said...

Gramma Ann- You're welcome and thank you, and no worries! I totally respect not accepting blog awards. If it's okay with you, can I still leave your name and the link in the post? If you want I'll remove it, just let me know. :)

Trooper- Thanks! And you're welcome :)

Erin said...

wow, my first award too! I'm so excited and very honored to be nominated and I ACCEPT! I can't tell you how cool this is. Thanks!
Looking forward to reading more about you soon and I hope things are getting better for you....

Jaina said...

Erin- Haha, yay! You're very welcome. And thank you, things do seem to be getting better everyday, I think I'm on an uphill climb right now.

Gramma Ann said...

Hi again Jaina,

How are you today? Are you still celebrating??? You deserve the award!!! and congratulations again and enjoy...

Yes, you can leave my name and link in your post...mostly I just post for my own entertainment and my family and friends read it, but they hardly ever leave comments. Once in while in their e-mails they will comment about one of them...

I was actually thinking of closing my blogs for awhile, but my sister insisted I shouldn't, because she likes to read them, so it is just mostly for her...and my own entertainment.

Have a happy time with your 1st award. I'm sure there will be many more to follow;))

Kimberly said...

You're such a sweetheart, Jaina. Thanks muchly!

April said...

Yay for your awards!!!

Kellan said...

Congrats, Jaina, on this great award! And, thanks so much for passing it on to me and the nice things you said - you are very sweet and I am honored!

See you soon - Kellan

Jaina said...

Gramma Ann- Haha, thanks! I hope you don't close your blogs, I love reading the stories and the quotes and everything. Hope you had a lovely day!

Kim- Thanks :) And you're welcome!

April- Thank you! :)

Kellan- Thanks and you're welcome. :) I'll be catching up on all my blog reading soon.

MamaGeek said...

Congrats on the well deserved blingage Jaina! WOot! And sincere thanks for the love. :)

Jaina said...

Haha, thanks! And you are most definitely welcome. :)

Melissa the Mouth said...


Thank you! You are so sweet! I am flattered and LOVE that you visit (and comment!) on my blog. Now, I just need to figure out how to get that award onto my own blog... I'm not that savvy when it comes to things like this! But I'm working on it this weekend, thanks a million...

Jaina said...

Melissa- You're welcome, and thank you! I'd offer to help, but I'm not sure I know how to do it not on blogger. Good luck getting it figured out!

Erin said...

Jaina, is there a secret to getting this logo onto your blog? each time i try and down load it i get some sort of internal error. maybe it's my computer!

Jaina said...

Erin- The way I did it, I right clicked on the award picture, selected "save image as" and saved it to my desktop. (if this is what's giving you trouble, let me know and I can email you the jpeg file)
If you go into the blogger dashboard and go to the page elements in the customization. Go to "add page element" and select "Picture". Choose to add that to your blog, and then I just uploaded it from my computer. It will give you the option to browse for the file (which is really easy to find if you save it to your desktop)
I hope that makes sense. If you run into trouble or I missed a step or something, let me know and I can help more. :)

Erin said...

thanks jaina, that worked. i was trying to input the photo into my post and it wouldn't allow it but doing it your way worked!

Thanks again!

Jaina said...

I'm glad that worked. :)