Sunday, July 20, 2008

Changing Colors

We are creatures of habit. We settle into our comfortable patterns, sink into our comfort zones and only timidly near the edges. But sometimes, this leads to boredom. We may love our routines and our habits, but sometimes we need change. Sounds pretty deep just to say that I've tweaked a new layout because I was bored with the old one and wanted to spruce things up. Not as cool as I wanted, because I didn't feel like learning anymore coding, so I settled for editing the basic template...and not much at that. But it's a change, and I like it.
I've been somewhat remiss in posting lately...writing in general has suffered unless it's entering trouble tickets for the users I take calls from. (believe me, that does NOT count as writing) It's been a tough week, the bf and I went through some pretty serious growing pains, but I think we've made it through that okay. We're still as much in love as ever, and neither in the mood to repeat the tenseness and discomfort of the last week. Nothing super major, just the first set of bumps we've encountered. It may have been the first time, but I doubt it will be the last...though I can always hope, right?
A lot of the blogs I read have themes on various days of the week. I participate in one called PhotoStory Friday hosted by the wonderful Cecily and MamaGeek. I've really had a good time playing PSF, and have found that, with the exception of being out of town and being sick, I've started being more consistent with posting on Fridays. I don't want to have a theme for everyday of the week, because I'm afraid that would confine me too much, and I'm not one to be confined. But a few themed days wouldn't be bad at all. What are some of your favorite themed days? Anything that you participate in or host? What are some themes you think I should adopt, or new ones that you haven't seen yet? I'm completely open to suggestion, let me know what you think!
The end goal? I will once again become consistent with posting. I need the outlet, and can definitely tell that I haven't been writing lately. I've gotten into that habit, and it's not one that I particularly care for. I'm also starting to feel better and am starting to go crazy with the lack of activity. I really have been wanting to join Curves (my mom loves it) just so that I get some consistent exercise. And let's face it, I could stand to drop a few pounds or 15, give or take. I know that if I pay for it, I'll go. Plus, with my summer work schedule, I can go before I head into work, and be done before 8 in the morning and feel good about taking care of myself. I just have to wait a little bit, make sure my spleen won't burst. It really sounds incredibly silly...but from what I've heard, I'd rather wait a little bit to be safe than to end up in the ER with a burst spleen. Don't ever get mono, it's not fun. It kinda puts a damper on everything.
I'm ready to get back to normal. Normal posting, normal exercising, healthy eating. All that stuff. I'm ready. So give me theme suggestions to help spur me back to a more consistent posting schedule. (I use the term schedule loosely...but I'm sure you get the idea)


lattemommy said...

I like the new look. :)

April said...

Awesome changes! I want to update my blog too (I'm booooored by it myself) but I have no idea how to do the html crap. ugh.
The only other theme I participate in is Menu Plan Monday becuz I needed help at home with not over-eating or getting too much take out. But I've also seen Wordless Wednesdays which look cool.

Jaina said...

Thanks Latte Mommy! :)

Thanks April. I only know a tiny bit of html, and it was still frustrating. Mostly I just edited colors and stuff to make it more of what I wanted.

Momo Fali said...

I think Wordless Wednesday's are could also start your own theme. Bossy just started doing "Ten Word Tuesdays" where she asks her commentators to write an answer to the question she poses, in 10 words. It's pretty fun to see what people come up with. If you're creative enough (I'm not), I'm sure you can come up with something equally fun!

Jaina said...

I do like seeing Wordless Wednesdays. I'll have to sit and see if I can't come up with some ideas of my own. Thanks Momo!

Gramma Ann said...

Hi Jaina,

I like your new look. It is much easier for these 'old' eyes to read. hee,hee.

I would love to see photos of interesting places in the area where you live. It's always fun to see new places and things.

Sorry to hear about your bumpy ride with the bf, but that is just part of being a couple. That's how you get to know one another, esp. their likes and dislikes....And it sounds like everything turned out fine. So move on and learn from the experience...

Have a fun evening.


Jaina said...

Thanks Ann, I'm glad it makes reading easier. :) I like your idea for photos of places around where I live. It would challenge me not only to post regularly, but also get my camera out regularly...something I've been more than a little amiss in doing.
And thank you, I've learned from it all, and so has he, and I think we're moving forward. Time shall tell. I'm hopeful. Last week kinda sucked.

Trooper Thorn said...

One day at a time is the only way to do it Jaina. Otherwise the task is overwhelming.

Do something different to get inspired each week. Week one open the Yellow Pages at random each day and find a business listed to write about or photograph.

Week Two drive for 20 minutes from home in a different direction. Get out of the car wherever you are and find something there you have never seen before.

Stuff like that.

Jaina said...

Thanks Trooper, what you said makes a lot of sense. Now for finding inspiration...

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

Speaking from experience, if it's ment to be:
That road starts off rocky But gets smoother and better with every bump!

PS:Love the new look!

Jaina said...

I hope you're right Johnina, I really hope you're right. And thanks!

Anonymous said...

The new look looks GREAT!! I want to change my look too, but am still figuring out how. I am not the best with computers. Yours looks really great.

As for a theme, an easy one is colors. Like all photos pink things or blue. It is fun, we tried green the other day. Got some great shots, of fabric, flowers, corn growing, etc.

I use to do curves, and liked it a lot. It is so structured and all women. It is so good to get strength training in.

Thanks for your very kind words and support. Means a lot.

Jaina said...

Thanks Eileen! Your theme ideas sound great! I'm glad to hear that you had a good experience at Curves. It makes me even more determined to get started there as soon as it's safe for me to do so. And you're welcome, absolutely anytime. :) I hope you have a good evening and sleep well.