Thursday, May 8, 2008


One month. :) All I can do is grin. You would grin too if you knew the details of my relationship track record. Let's just say that one month with me not even thinking of running? KIND of a big deal. It seems so fast, and so slow at the same time. I'm torn between saying "wow, one month already?" and "wow, only one month". It's funny. And the bf has something up his sleeve for tomorrow. (not today since I'm supposed to be elsewhere for a flute lesson and band rehearsal) I know we're going to dinner, I have no idea where. My cousin knows what he has planned, and has been instructing me in wardrobe selections. And, of course, teasing me that she knows. But hey, what are good cousins for? I seriously miss that girl, we keep having to push back her visit for various reasons. We're now up to the beginning of June! But it will be TOTALLY worth it! It makes me so happy that she approves of the bf, they get along really well.
I'm so excited for tomorrow night. My cousin told him that he knows me really well, when he told her what he had planned, so I know it's going to be wonderful. This whole weekend is going to be great. I'm going to a mother/daughter luncheon with his mom. She's one of the main planners of the event at their church, so I'm also going early to help her set things up. I'm super excited, I love doing that sort of stuff. And I think it's great that his parents like me so much. Afterwards, the bf is taking us to a baseball game, which should be amazing, seeing as I absolutely love baseball. Overall, not a bad weekend. :) I'm very much looking forward to it.
I'm going shopping for a denim or khaki jacket after work this afternoon, want to wear it tomorrow night. After the bf and I get ice cream of course. :) It feels like Friday to me!
I felt like I needed some sort of celebratory picture today, so I chose yet another from my cousin's visit. This one is us toasting after breaking open the wine the bf bought for us as a "housewarming" gift for me. (we had to buy something at Trader Joe's when we went out for sushi, so he bought wine)

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MamaGeek said...

ONE MONTH is a big milestone, so kudos to that! And I must say, I LOVE your shot selection. PERFECT.

When in doubt: WINE.

Don Mills Diva said...

Congrats on your one-month anniversary - could be the start of something big!

Jaina said...

Thanks Mamageek, I'm so excited about it. And thanks about my photo selection. I'm glad you think it works. :) It was a great wine too. A shiraz called "Twin Fin" (I totally just looked at the bottle...I definitely kept it) :)

Wow, thank you Kelly! I hope you're right. And thanks for stopping by, I read that interview you did, linked to it through Latte Mommy's blog. (and the misguided and unfortunately rude comments that followed) I really appreciate your stopping by and commenting! :)

ConverseMomma said...

YOu have every right to be excited. If he has you hanging out with his mom, I say it's love.

Jaina said...

You think so?? :) We've been friends for a few years, so we know each other really well. He said his parents really like me, and I think they're just absolutely wonderful, they're SO nice! Haha, you've gone and made me all giggly now! :) I can't wait for tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your ONE MONTH together!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend together. He sounds like such a sweetheart. I am not surprised that his mom likes you so much.

Jaina said...

Haha, thanks Eileen! He really is wonderful, I like him SO much. He is SO good to me. :) I'm looking forward to hanging out with his mom tomorrow, I'm sure to hear all sorts of fun stories and such ;) She's just a very nice lady, and I'll be happy to know her better. :)

Gramma Ann said...

My mother-in-law said she knew something was up, when my 'husband to be', brought me home to 'meet the parents' because he never ever brought any of his girlfriends home to met them until me.

So can't wait to hear what the bf was up to;)

Have a fun week-end.

Jaina said...

Thanks Gramma Ann! :) I'm SO happy right now, I just posted a ridiculously long recap of the most perfect date from tonight. :)
And the bf's told me that his parents like me best of anyone they've ever met, and they liked me immediately, which is also new. So all things are looking good. :)