Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fly Me To The Moon

I met the parents. I also met the family friends who are like grandparents, and most of the non-university desert group. The verdict? Everyone likes me. :) I'm so excited, it was a great weekend. Got some quality "me" time on Friday and Saturday morning before we drove out to see his desert friends' baseball game. A couple of them coach a little league team. It was quite a fun game, lots of laughs, even though we lost by a run or two. The important part is that the kids had a great time, and that's what really matters. We spent a few hours just hanging out at his friend D's house, they showed me some video from their desert trips. Hopefully I'll go out with them next season. My cousin and I may join on some river trips, as it is now "river season". Sounds fun to me. :)
I got to drive the bf's truck a little on the way home. I drove it offroad too (shh, don't tell my mom) It was lots of fun. Drifting is a different experience when you're the one driving and the truck is ridiculously long. (F250 crew cab, extended bed) I even got to satisfy a ridiculous sushi craving too, which was amazing. Since we were near his house, we went by the place just around the corner and took it back to my apartment. It was SO delicious. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
The clouds lifted and the sun shone Sunday, which made for a great trip to the Farmer's Market. I got lots of delicious things to eat. Bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, tangelos, mushrooms, kale and avocados. And I got spinach and strawberries at Henry's on the way home. I've been living mostly on fresh produce, it's absolutely delicious! (don't worry, I'm eating plenty of protein too) I was a little bit nervous while we were walking over to the car show to meet the parents, but I needn't have worried. They were wonderful! We had a lot of fun looking at classic cars, and his parents treated us to lunch at the diner afterwards. It was delicious. I tied a cherry stem from my Shirley Temple into a knot with my tongue. (but didn't tighten it enough so it came undone pretty fast)
After a delicious lunch we walked down to the book fair/art fair/flower show that was going on in the park down the street. The bf and I both got a few books. Total? $6. Not too bad considering we got 6 books. I can't wait to read mine, I just have to finish the library books I got last week on my walk with my friend B. I'm FINALLY reading the 7th Harry Potter book. I went so long without spoilers, until I edited my friend's thesis about a month ago. It was a great thesis, but now I know what happens in the end of the Deathly Hallows. But I didn't mind, because the paper was amazing. (just don't tell him he spoiled me, he'd feel terrible!)
The weekend wrapped up with 7pm mass. The bf came with me, and later suggested that we go together every weekend, which let me tell you, is a BIG deal. It's super exciting. :) Mass was interesting. There were some sirens outside, and partway through Father Mike's homily, Monsignor walked VERY quickly up the aisle and whispered to Father Mike, who then told us we would continue, but first he needed everyone to gently file out of the chapel and go up to the parking lot. Then the alarms started. We could see smoke and sparks over the roof of the building. Turns out some idiot freshman caught a couple palm trees on fire from the bridge between the two sides of the res halls in the two buildings. Luckily there was no structural damage, but it was quite an ordeal. After hanging around in the parking lot for a good 25 minutes, we continued mass in the main Church housed on our campus. Father Mike began with, "so, back to the question, why are we here?" Cue laughter. "To escape the fires of hell." We about died laughing. At the end of mass he said that no one could ever say he never gave a fire and brimstone sermon. Cue clapping and laughter. Quite the eventful mass, definitely came home with a story...and plans to go to Church with my bf every weekend. Too cool. Seriously.

The photo, as you might have guessed, is from the car show Sunday. I liked the way it looked like it might fly off at any moment. There were a lot of cool cars, and everyone was super friendly and chatty. It was a beautiful day, and his family really liked me, which means a lot to me. Oh, and we're 2 weeks official today. :)

Photo specs:
~taken April 20, 2008
~setting: full auto, flash did not fire


Kellan said...

WOw - what a great time. Farmer's market (I'm so jealous), new books, friends, car shows - you had a blast. So glad everyone liked you too - very cool!!!

Have a good evening - Kellan

Jaina said...

If I could share my market with you I totally would. It was definitely a great weekend, I'm so glad everyone approved of me. The bf said his dad made more approving comments of me last night, but was in the office, so he couldn't tell me more. I'm interested to hear what else was said.
Hope you have a good evening too Kellan, thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate your comments. :)

Momo Fali said...

Sounds lovely! Glad you made it out of hell safely!

Jaina said...

Haha, thanks! Me too. :)