Saturday, April 26, 2008


Quite honestly the best meal of the day. There is just something about breakfast foods that are absolutely divine. I could eat breakfast three times a day! (and occasionally do!) Eggs of all kinds, toast, waffles, fresh fruit, bacon, french toast, pancakes, sausage, muffins and pastries-breakfast foods are just delicious!
This post was supposed to be yesterday, but I ran out of time in the morning and was gone all day. But this was my exquisitely delicious Saturday morning breakfast. Strawberries and tangelos courtesy of my Farmer's Market trip last Sunday. Sadly, I won't be getting there today since I have to go play my flute with the handbell choir in just a little bit. But I still have plenty of yummies from last weekend. Just have to stop by Henry's on the way home to get a few other things that I'm low on/out of. I'm going to actually start the green smoothies today. I've been too busy and kept putting it off. All week. Haha. I know that once I start it won't be so hard. :)
And later today I will post about the amazing and beautiful day that was yesterday. Seriously, life is good, and sunny and shiny and I love it! I hope you are all having an equally lovely and amazing weekend.

Photo specs:
~taken April 26, 2008
~setting: full auto, flash fired- auto mode, red-eye reduction


Momo Fali said...

I gave my daughter some strawberries for breakfast yesterday, and after I left the kitchen she covered them in Cool Whip. Nice.

Jaina said...

Haha, nice. Unfortunately I didn't have any Cool Whip, or I might have taken a page from her book....:)

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love this picture!! So bright and colorful!!!!!

And yes, I would love your help, if you know how to do linky stuff like that!! I don't have any ideas, just something that says "Spill-It Sunday"...maybe something with green or brown. I'm not very colorful, or flowery, or nothing too "girly" if you want to get creative, feel free!! Only if you have time, remember!! Thanks, Jaina!!

Jaina said...

Thanks Karen! I'll play with the graphic today, hopefully have something ready by Wednesday? I'll let you know when I have a few options ready for you :)

Momma Bean said...

My, aren't you a breath of fresh air?? I must admit that breakfast isn't my favorite meal of the day, but that may be because it always feels so rushed and dull. Now, if I had that plate in front of me every morning, I might feel differently!

allaboutattitude said...

Ooh ..... the colors of life. So refreshing.
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Jaina said...

Why thank you Momma Bean, I'm flattered. :) I can understand breakfast losing appeal when it's rushed, trying to cram something down your throat as you race out the door. I hope you find the time once in a while to have this sort of plate. It was quite delicious, let me assure you :)

Thank you allaboutattitude, thanks for stopping by. I'll have to check out your blog later this morning. :)