Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rush Week Overload

It's that time of year again. The time where girls in heels and too much makeup overrun the University Center where I work. Everywhere you turn there are more girls. Chatty girls. It's hard to hear over the din of their incessant chatter. To make matters worse, there is a lounge adjacent to our office. One of the sororities, usually Alpha Phi, takes over the lounge for a week and a half, but sometimes they switch it up. We had one day of Kappa, I think.

How do I know which one is in there? Because they sing. Loudly, in no discernible set key, without any semblance of pitch. They sing their own lyrics to songs like Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Under the Sea and Build Me Up, Buttercup. And they are not content to sing them just once or twice. But rather, they sing these songs like some sort of broken music player stuck on constant repeat. All. Day. Long. And when they're not singing, they're shouting incessant cheers, over and over and over. And to fill in the gaps, there is the never-ending din of chattery conversation as they schmooze and try to impress one another, sisters and recruits alike.

Now look, I have well-loved friends who are in sororities and fraternities, so no offense to them or any Greek readers I may have, but I have never understood this process or the allure of Greek life. It works for some people, I get that. But to me it just looks like a herd of girls, primping and preening to impress and older group who then decides your fate and which house you'll be placed in. And once you're in, your forced to pay rather pricey "dues" to be allowed into the club. All in all, not for me. (I'm venting here and not meaning to offend anyone who disagrees)

But on top of it all, they are SO LOUD and annoying! Add the off key, meager attempts to sing and it's like fingernails on the chalkboard to me. The way they uniformly as a group modulate in no recognizable manner between unrelated keys, falter between sharp and flat on any given pitch is physically painful to my ears. Our users can HEAR all the words when I am trying to assist them with computer issues. They're that loud. But only 2 more days, and they'll be gone again for another year.


Petunia said...

Even though I was in a sorority and was a fraternity little sister I have to agree that it is totally juvenile. I saw it back then. It was a good way to make friends and have fun, but I also lost a lot of friends when we all pledged different sororities--that was a real eye-opener.

Jaina said...

Petunia-That's sad to lose friends because of different sororities. But I can see that happening. I know that there are lots of good things about the whole Greek system, but it's definitely not for me. And they definitely annoy me when they're "singing" towards our office at the top of their lungs.

Gramma Ann said...

Hi Jaina,

I tagged you for a game at my place. Play it if you'd like. I know you are very busy, but sometimes we have to slow down and do something fun.

Have a great day!


Mandy said...

LOL! I am so sorry I am laughing...I have been on the sorority side of rush. I hated every minute of rush. I just KNEW how annoying it was to me; I can only imagine what it was like for those who could hear us do those silly things. :)

My closest friends from college were my roommates through the years. Two were sisters, but the others were in other sororities. I was able to stay friends with these non-sisters through all of these 10+ years.

There is a lot of good that comes from Greek life. But there is a lot of bad, too. Do I regret my decision? No way. :) I totally understand that it is not for everyone. Sorry you have to put up with it at work! That sucks.

EatPlayLove said...

I never understood Greek Life myself. Now that I'm back on campus weekly, those sisters definitely stand out!

Jaina said...

Gramma Ann-Thanks for the tag, I'll check it out!

Mandy-Can I just tell you how much I loved that comment? Thank you :)

EatPlayLove-Yeah, I personally just never felt the de3sire to do that, though it's glamorized in the movies and such. I do have friends in them though, and they love them.