Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Few Notes

Note to self: move finger BEFORE chopping. (I'm okay, promise. But let's say I've no doubt about the sharpness of my knives.)

...in other news...

I really shouldn't be blogging right now. I really should be washing dishes, prepping lunch for me and the bf for tomorrow (we've been taking weekly turns bringing lunches), and possibly finishing clearing off my kitchen table.

Another note to self: no more putting off balancing checking accounts...because eventually it's 4 months down the road of blowing it off and you get stuck with DAYS of playing catch up.

Partly because I get off work so darned late that I hardly have time to do anything when I get home. On the bright side, my boss just told me that I can go back to my original schedule of 7-3:30, which means I'll actually have time to do stuff after work before it's time to go to sleep. Except for Tuesdays and Thursdays when I have class. But still, off earlier 3 days a week is wonderful. Can't wait. Only I still have a ton to finish before I can go to bed tonight, and I've got to be up SO early tomorrow.

Only trouble with the new schedule is that I'll have to rearrange my morning walks. Did I mention I've been getting up early to walk? And the bf and I have been doing the strict phase 1 of South Beach. And I've lost about 6 pounds...and people have noticed. Multiple comments. Definitely makes it worth it.

And now I have inexplicable hiccups. The kind that are going to start hurting soon. The kind that I can never seem to get rid of. This should be fun...

Oh, ps, I'm behind in my Reader. Again. It's a thing. I'm working on it. Things are just so BUSY. I'll be around catching up. I know you've missed me :) ...Wow, do I need sleep or what? I'm not usually that cocky. Oh well, I've missed all of you.


Gramma Ann said...

Hi Jaina,

When you have a busy schedule, it's difficult to do everything you would like. Glad your new schedule allows you more time for some Jaina time. Congratulations on the weight loss. I know sticking to a new eating routine isn't easy, so glad it is working for you.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...


Good for you for sticking with phase 1. That is not an easy phase.

So glad you'll be going back to your old schedule, that should make life so much easier. You need that down time. We all do.

You sound busy, but a happy busy. So glad things are going well.
Take Care,

Jaina said...

Gramma Ann-It's definitely true. Thank you so much, I'm really enjoying the routine...it's definitely getting easier, and I feel a whole lot better.

Cheryl-Thanks! The first few days are the worst...I'm okay when I'm full, but when I'd get hungry I was craving carbs. Lol. But I got past that part. I'm excited for the extra down time. That hour really makes a difference. :)

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

OMG.....Your super woman?!!

I think somewhere in your post you forgot to mention something. Come on we all know what causes hiccups. Did your husband catch you in your underoos? =)

(I can't believe I know Super-woman!!)

Jaina said...

Johnina-Super Woman? Don't know about that. Haha. And unfortunately no husband to catch me in them. Lol. Just started on their own while I was washing dishes. Kind of annoying actually, but luckily they went away before I went to bed. :)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Here's another vote for superwoman! And the chopping tip? OUCH! You poor thing!

Tabitha Blue said...

Girl, you rock... and that and you've still been walking in the am!! Good for you for your new schedule!!! Keep up the rocking work! It'll all get better!!!



Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I just can by to check in with you... been a while since I dropped by. Congrats on the weight loss... still trying to figure that one out for me. Argh, what happened to me, wish I could still quickly lose weight.
Glad that you didn't loose a finger chopping.

Ryanne said...

Hi Jaina! I have been trying to do the sticking to a routine, but I haven't done all that great...glad you are though! So I am having to go private with my blog dang it. The birth father (Javin's)and his mother and sister are basically harassing me though it and it is either go private or just stop making it. Anyway to make a short story long, I would love to send you an invite so you can keep coming, only I don't have an email address for you. If you want to keep coming you can send me an email at fripan@gmail.com I really am glad you are losing weight!

Jaina said...

MamaGeek-Haha, thanks for the vote! :)

Tabitha-Thanks! With my schedule change back to 7am start, I haven't been able to walk in the morning :( But the bf and I are starting to walk during lunch (starting today actually), so I'll still be getting it in. And I'm walking on the weekends.

Carrie-Thanks! I'm feeling so much better. I'm glad to have kept my finger too...it's finally healed.

Ryanne-Thank you for adding me, I really appreciate it. I love reading your blog. And I'm so sorry to hear about the harassment...not cool. :-/

SuperCoolMom said...

Hey, You've been way better than me. I've completely dumped my reader and just given up on trying to keep up. Sorry you've had to make so many comments before I got around to stopping by :)

Bummer on the finger. Do not try to reattach a mostly gone piece, FYI. My Mom did it once and ended up with a piece almost like a wart sticking out.

Really fun idea to take turns preparing lunch for each other! (Way to train him ;D

Jaina said...

SuperCoolMom-I'm impressed that you were able to ditch the reader, that can't have been easy. And no apologies, I was just catching up on your blog. I love that you came to visit, but I'm going to keep reading your stuff whether you get the chance to visit or not ;)
Oooh, that reattaching sounds not fun. The bf is wonderful :)