Friday, October 31, 2008

Kitchen Fairy

I mentioned in my last post that the bf has to be to work somewhere around 4 am for a HUGE network upgrade that they're doing. Craaaaaazy stuff. Our Network Team and systems guys are going to be there SUPER early, and they're probably going to be there until noon. I asked the bf over dinner tonight if the management would be ordering them breakfast since they were going to be there so early. Imagine my surprise when he said no, probably just coffee and donuts. Now, I know that about 90% of our team who will be there are NOT married, and there is only one woman, but still, donuts and coffee for breakfast? For the group who will be physically replacing our entire campus network? HA!

So, after I sent the bf home early to try and get some sleep before he has to get up at an ungodly hour of the morning to go to work, I went to the store. Two stores actually. I was thinking at first that I'd just make the bf some homemade chai and take it over to him, but I know he won't drink the coffee or eat the donuts, and he tends to get short and cranky when he's hungry and has low blood sugar. But I'm friends with everyone who's going to be there, so I couldn't just take something for the bf, I'd feel bad (and probably get a really hard time about it) So I got a bunch of stuff for the guys. Bananas, oranges (cut into wedges in a bag), strawberries and a few yogurts. I was going to buy some muffins, but I don't have a Costco card, and buying muffins four in a thing gets to be somewhat I got mixes (I wasn't feeling nice enough to make it from scratch) and made them a dozen blueberry muffins and a dozen chocolate chip muffins. I also got napkins, plates and spoons (which will work for the strawberries AND the yogurts) I also got a gallon of orange juice and some cups.

Of course the bf has no idea that I'm doing this, so I'm setting my alarm for just before 4 am. I'll drag myself out of bed to make him chai and then take everything over to campus. I know where he'll be (either his office or over by the cold room where they're doing the actual hardware changes) His truck is pretty unmistakable...and if I have trouble finding him, I can always call and feign a bad dream (yes I've done this...only for a real bad dream a few weeks ago that had me shaking and unable to fall back asleep for a while) I figure I can talk through the bad dream, ask him what he's up to/where he is. If he doesn't answer, chances are he's in the cold room...he doesn't have great signal in there.

Side random note: the cold room isn't really all that least I don't think so. A circuit breaker tripped in there several months ago and took down our entire network (minus res halls, thank goodness we didn't have cranky students). This was before the bf and I were dating, but we were talking when the network went down and he had to go to work, and I decided to take him and Lane (one of his two network co-workers...she's a sweetheart...older lady) drinks. Only I couldnt' find a place open that made chai for him, but I got Lane coffee and came over. I hung out for a few minutes with them, and then went upstairs to the other cold room with the pre-bf bf to see their other team member. Only our entire systems team was there working on stuff. And me? I was in my pajama pants and a tank top. So the joke is that our entire systems team has seen me in my pajamas...they made cracks about it being a pj party. It really was amusing. But the funniest thing is that I was in a tank top near midnight in the cold room and I was perfectly comfortable...and I looked around at our systems guys and they're all bundled in jackets and some of them even had on hats. It was rather amusing.

Wow...that was a long and random tangent. Anyways, I ought to get to sleep here since I too am going to be waking up in a few short hours. Of course it's by my own choice. And also? I get to come home and crawl back into bed. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so thoughtful and caring. What a great thing to do for your bf and his coworkers. I bet that made their whole day. Amazing, wish there were more people like you in this world.

I'm sorry to hear about the bad dreams. I hate having them. Glad you could talk to him about it.

Happy, Belated Halloween!


Kimberly said...

What a fabulous thing to do! You're going to be glowing and feeling awesome for days after this!

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