Saturday, September 13, 2008

Girl Power

I'm back, and it's about time. I've been feeling the need to post this week, but was struggling to get through my reader. I'm almost there...I'll be caught up by morning. I feel like I've been gone for so long. Naturally, I spent most of the week trying to figure out what my first post back was going to be about. Well, I've got one.
Mark your calendars, put out your email reminders, because on October 12 you won't want to miss Frosted Pink with a Twist airing on ABC. It's a Women's Cancer Awareness program hosted by Scott Hamilton. Lots of great stars are going to perform, including several of our gold medal Olympic gymnasts. Oh yeah, and I'm singing backup for CAROLE KING!! Seriously, no joke. We rehearsed with her today, and can I just say that she is SO sweet and such a talented musician. I really liked her, and she really loved us. (there are 20 of us girls singing backup for her on the song Girl Power) It was absolutely amazing, and partially surreal. I have a "talent" badge that gets me in and around backstage. Oh, and tomorrow? We get to walk around and meet the gymnasts and other performers. And Jesse McCartney is coming to visit us. Yeah.

To top it off, they're paying us $100 each to sing backup for Carole. It's incredible, such an amazing weekend. I was originally supposed to be at the COR Races with the bf today, but I couldn't exactly turn this down. Talk about the chance of a lifetime. And Carole is just so gosh darn nice. Everyone has been really great to us, it's been such a phenomenal experience, at times I expect myself to wake up. Carole was really impressed with us and just absolutely loved us. (we also heard that someone...possibly Carole herself...made the comment that we looked like we were straight from The Hills, which I thought was really sweet)

I promise to post more details about the show when I know them. But definitely plan to tune into ABC on October 12 for the Frosted Pink with a Twist program. It's going to be amazing. Oh, yeah, and you'll get to see me singing backup. For Carole King. How's that for a welcome back post?

Edit: The show airs Sunday, October 12 on ABC from 4-6 p.m. EST (which means 1-3 for West Coast people)


Gramma Ann said...

Oh! Jaina,

How EXCITING!!! Now, how am I suppose to know which one is you, since you said there are 20 backup singers. We need a picture so we know who to look for, and then I will look only at you...

I already have you penciled into my organizer for Oct. 12, and am so looking forward to the program. I have always loved Scott Hamilton and Carole King...I think I will tape the show as well, so if any company shows up I won't miss a thing ;)

Have a great day, and glad to hear you are feeling better.


Jaina said...

Gramma Ann-I know, I am SO excited for tonight. I'll post a picture before then, for a short time, and I'll pay attention and tell you where to look for me. I seriously cannot wait to get there tonight. It's going to be so much fun!

April said...

That is AWESOME~!! Congrats! you better remind us closer to the date to tune in!!!

Jaina said...

April- You know I definitely will. I'm so excited!