Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some things are meant to be

others aren't. Sometimes timing just isn't right.

I had my interview, it went pretty well, fairly short. The principal said they should know by today. Got a call walking from the parking structure into work. They decided to go with a different candidate. Called my mom. I think she was more upset than me. I'm surprisingly okay, because it just wasn't the right time. I've got some good stuff going for me where I am, and I didn't really want to leave. They're working to get me a full time position with the full benefits package and everything, and now I can tell them that I would like that, and I will be here. It's all working out. I won't have to move, I won't have to leave my fabulous apartment that I absolutely love. I'll still be across the street from B and a short drive to the bf's, 5 minutes from work.

It will happen, it just wasn't time yet. And I'm strangely relieved. I don't have to deal with variables or complications or schedules. I don't have to worry about making enough money. I'll get to do that soon, and for now I just need to take those additional music courses and give student teaching another go.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments and good wishes and prayers. I really appreciate them.


April said...

I'm so glad that you are okay with the decision and realize that timing IS everything.

Your awesome job WILL come. And when you are completely ready for it. :-)

Jaina said...

Thanks April, I think you're right. :)

Bee Repartee said...

BUMMER. Big bummer but you have such an optimist's outlook. It will happen but until then...~passing you virtual Ben and Jerrys~

Jaina said...

That Ben & Jerry's is MUCH needed and appreciated, thanks Bee!

EatPlayLove said...

well, you officially handled that really well. sounds like your current situation is what you need! trust me, teaching is the last profession where you want to settle for a job.

Gramma Ann said...

Well, look at the bright side, you still have a wonderful bf. to encourage you until you find that perfect job. The job will probably show up when you least expect it.

Hang in there and have a good night;)

Jaina said...

Eat Play Love- Thank you, I'm glad you think I handled it well. And I think you're right about not wanting to settle.

Gramma Ann- You're right, he's wonderful. And thanks, I bet it will too.

Anonymous said...

You have a great attitude about it, and I agree with you completely. Things always happen for a reason, and this means there is something much better coming your way.

Keep enjoying the life your living now. You have so many good things happening and more importantly your happy.

Sending hugs.

Jaina said...

Thanks Eileen, I really appreciate it. And you're right, I am most definitely happy.