Monday, June 9, 2008

Patio Building and Posting Groove (or lack thereof)

Hours of painting, sunscreen and water, multiple trips to multiple hardware and lumber stores, pinched fingers and lots of tools...we have a patio cover...almost. Only thing left to do is the shiplap roofing, but the frame is up and ready to go, we just ran out of time. I think we're going up Saturday night after a grad party for the bf's cousin, and we'll do the rest of the patio on Sunday.
We had a great time building it, Saturday was spent working with my best friend Jasa and his gf, she and I painted most of the day. We definitely couldn't have done it without them, and we had a great time just hanging out and working. I'm glad to be getting to know Jasa's gf better, and I can't wait to talk to Jasa and see if he's formulated an opinion on the bf yet. Not that it will matter, but it IS important to me that my best friend likes him.
Yesterday was spent painting and securing the rafters we'd put up Saturday night to make sure that the wind didn't blow down the posts and support beams that the bf and Jasa got up earlier that day. I have never been so tired in my life. Let me just say that I was literally falling asleep in the shower Saturday night as I tried to scrub the paint off of my arms and legs. (yes, there were a few mini paint wars throughout the day) It was all I could do to walk downstairs to get to my room to pass out. But it was a fun day.
Again here with the disjointed posting. I really need to get over that. Actually, I really need to get back to regular posting, I've been slacking off lately. Well, not exactly slacking off, I've just been busy and really skittish about writing while I'm at work anymore.
It has absolutely nothing to do with writing itself, I still love to write. It's just that I used to do most of my posting during downtime at work. But that all changed a couple weeks ago when one of my friends saw the posting screen and asked if I had a blog...and then asked if he could read it. This completely threw me off. I know I had posted a while back debating on whether to give a couple close friends the link to my blog. Well, if you were wondering, I had decided not to do that, at least not yet. I am SO thankful that I did. I just feel like I write differently when I know my readers in real life. The only irl person who has the link is another friend from work, and he's only commented once, which is fine. I didn't even think he read it. Initially my response to the friend who asked about it was no, which then changed to, okay but please don't comment because I don't want to know if you're reading or not. But I never gave him the link, and he never asked me for it, so I think he just forgot about it. It feels silly almost, I have nothing to hide, no deep dark secrets that I blog about really, so why the worry about it? Best answer I can come up with is that this is my place where I can go and write about anything I want to, and not worry about judgment or anything else. (not saying irl friends would judge) But I don't want to have to filter
my writing because I know who is reading, if that makes sense. I've gotten a broad sense from a lot of the wonderful bloggers I read and those who read me, and the sentiment seems to be pretty mixed regarding irl people reading or not. I think I'll stay "anonymous" for now. The bf knows about my blog, but he doesn't know the address...and he doesn't ask. He understands that it's my outlet, and he's absolutely fine with that. Did I mention he's wonderful? Oh, also, I love him. :)
Haha, had to sneak that in there, see if you were paying attention. So many of you have already called it, and a few more probably already suspected it. I'll post a little bit more about it later, but that friend definitely just walked in, and now I'm not in a posting mood anymore. (even though he's gone now)

The pictures are, as you've probably guessed, of the new patio cover...only thing missing is the roof. The first two were taken Saturday, the bottom one is from Sunday afternoon just as the bf and I were getting ready to leave to make it to the concert I had to play at.


Gramma Ann said...

Looks like you had a progressive week-end with bf and friends.

What a SHOCK, who would have thought you love the bf. Never would have guessed;))

I understand why you would rather your friends not read your blog, but I'm sure they would enjoy it. But like you said, you wouldn't be able to be as open about some of your feelings if you knew friends were reading it.

I just put in my two cents and it doesn't matter because you don't have to look me in the eyes the next day!!

Mostly, my "Moody Blues" blog is written for myself and any friends and family who wants to read it. My daughter used to leave comments, but she doesn't anymore, but if I tell her something I did. She will say yes I know, I read it on your blog.

Enough rambling. Have a 'cool' evening. Is it 'hot' at the beach today? The weatherman talks like it's hot out there.

Kellan said...

WOW, that patio cover is coming along great - it looks fabulous! You all worked so hard and it's nice to have friends that help out - that's what life is all about.

Hope you had a good day- see you soon - Kellan

Jaina said...

Haha, thanks Gramma Ann. :) And I love your two cents, always makes me smile. :)

Thanks Kellan! It was hard work, but also a lot of fun. I can't wait to finish it! Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

EatPlayLove said...

wow, great job! I love finishing a project on the house.

And..I completely agree with the writing anonymously. I feel like I have to censor my writing because of my audience (mainly family).. Sometimes it really bums me out.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Your pergola looks great! Come to my house and build one for me please! The husband and I are in process of getting some quotes on having one built for our patio.

And I'm the same way about irl friends coming to my blog. I tell other mom friends but that's about it and some of them come and some of them don't. Talking about my blog irl makes me feel like a big ole dork!

MamaGeek said...

WOWZA! Talk about productivity at its' finest. That looks really really awesome. There is such a sense of accomplishment with doing things like that and helping out! WELL DONE.

Caffeine Court said...

Wow! That's really fabulous...what an amazing job! We had a trellis like that before we redid our house. Every year morning glories would grow all over it!

I miss it so much. Maybe we'll rebuild it someday-when I find some motivation!

Caffeine Court said...

P.S. Don't tell your friends about your blog! Too many relatives read mine and now I can't vent...:(

Jaina said...

Eat Play Love-Thank you so much! Thanks for the comment, I don't want to have to censor my writing.

Beth-If only you weren't on the other side of the country...
Haha, I don't know if talking about it makes me feel like a dork, I know that I always feel dorky when I'm asked what kind of blogs I read...because honestly most of them are mommy bloggers...and I'm not, so it invites all sorts of interesting questions. Haha, I just enjoy the mommy blogger circles and posts.

MamaGeek-Thank you SO much! I'm really super excited about it, and can't wait to get back up there to do the first part of the roofing. (they have to inspect it before we can put the shingling on over the shiplap roofing)

Caffeine Court-Thanks! Oooh, I can just imagine those morning glories, how beautiful that must have been! And I definitely agree, I won't be sharing my blog link. I love my bloggy friends who read my stuff, and I know I don't have to censor my writing for anyone. (not that I'm writing anything that particularly needs censoring)

Gina said...

Wow, I'm in awe. That's a lot of hard work. It looks awesome.

Jaina said...

Thanks Gina, it was hard work, but also a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, hope to "see" you around soon! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, that patio looks so impressive! The best part is how much fun you had doing it. I'm sure you were exhausted, but a good tired. That is the best kind!

I had a feeling that you were in love. Yay! He sounds like a keeper, so kind and fun. I hope your best friend likes him. I know that can be tricky.

I don't give my blog to friends or family. No way because I know I would alter what I say. Defeats the point of my blog. Although, my girls/hubby do sneak in from time to time and I hate it.

Hope your week is going well.

Jaina said...

Thanks Eileen, it really was a lot of fun. And I completely agree, he's a keeper. Most definitely. I'm pretty sure my best friend likes his words, he's being guarded, and guarding. I mean, he's my best friend, it's what he does. But I'm hoping he'll sign off after having spent more time with us.
Only my bf really knows about this place, and he doesn't even have the url. My other closest friends don't even know it exists.

ConverseMomma said...

I want to hear more about the LOVE!

Jaina said...

Haha, I promise to post about that, hopefully tonight after I've eaten. I'm waiting for my friend to get home so I can meet her outside to give back her computer...she gave it to me to back up at work, and I ended up fixing it. It's all bright and shiny again. :)