Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Slight Introduction

First post in a new blog, it's kind of exciting. I decided that I needed a place just for my photography. The idea is that maybe if I have a place dedicated just to publishing my photos, I'll take more of them. It's worth a shot, right? I've been somewhat neglectful of my camera recently, this is my gamble to get back with it. So where are the pictures, right? Well, I'm not posting from my own computer right now, where all of my pictures live. But this poor blog looked awfully lonely with no posts, so I wanted to get that first post done. I'm working on getting some photos from my Flickr! account for the time being, until my computer is hooked up online again.

I suppose there should be some sort of an intro to this photo blog, something to give some depth to the images. A little about me then. I'm currently 22, I just graduated from college back in May. I fell in love with photography about 2 1/2 years ago when my close friend (and later roommate) got her first digital camera. It traveled along wherever we went-its favorite place was Disneyland or anywhere at night where we could take light pictures. I got my first (and thus far my only) digital camera for my 20th birthday. I have at times maxed out my memory card. (really I should purchase a bigger one) I love experimenting with settings and composition, and am eager to learn and improve. I'd also like to be taking pictures more frequently. I often find myself wishing I had my camera with me to capture a moment, and have missed out on some great shots because it wasn't there. I am putting forth a greater effort to have my camera with my at all times so that I don't lose any more great shots. I also am not one for editing my images. What you see is what you get. My goal is to get shots that don't require editing or touching up. I have the software and experience to do those things, but I'd prefer to get it right the first time.

I love feedback (so long as it's constructive) and am eager to hear thoughts/suggestions/comments/constructive criticism/etc. The plan for this blog is to post some of my photography, and provide my own comments about it to provide context to the image. A photo on its own is great, but often times its the context provided that makes it beautiful. All the photos I post are from my Canon Powershot A510, unless otherwise specified, until I have the money for a shiny new camera.

Last note: all photos published in this blog are taken by me and not available for commercial or personal use without explicit written permission. If you like my photos and would like you use them, comment or email me.

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