Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Into the Unknown

Last October, actually, two Octobers ago, my friends and I took a Disneyland trip to celebrate a birthday. We forgot something in the car, so two of them went back to get whatever it was we forgot (it's been so long I honestly don't remember what it was) Anyways, I was hanging around with the fourth friend, playing on the escalators and waiting for the other two to get back, and I just happened to get this shot with nobody on the escalator. The reflection of the sunlight makes it look like it just keeps going, though in actuality, it will deposit you on the top floor of the Mickey and Friends parking structure. This picture has so many stories that you could tell along with it, endless possibilities-that's one of the reasons I like it so much.

Photo specs:
~taken: October 20, 2006
~setting: auto, no flash


Erin said...

Great photos. I am in love with photography though know nothing about it. One of my dreams is to take some classes and learn. Thanks for commenting on my blog.
I will be visiting yours for sure.

Jaina said...

Thank you so much for your comment! I suppose I ought to get back to posting in my blogs so you have something to visit. :)

ggsmama said...

Hi Jaina,
I've been meaning to write you and thank you for the comments on my blog. I really like this photograph too, it is such a simple everday object but the way that you caught it says so much and provokes thought. Very artful. I look forward to seeing more of your photography and reading more about you.

Jaina said...

Thanks! I definitely need to stop being lazy and get back to blogging. I haven't uploaded a photo here in weeks, and I still haven't quite gotten around to actually posting. :) I will have to do that sometime this week. Thanks for the comment!